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Monday, February 16, 2015

Black Beauty

I remember once saying that I wasn't into naming my bike the way many people name their cars. But, well, somewhere along the way, my current bike earned herself a name to me. Today I took Black Beauty into the local bike shop to get all fixed up for the coast. It'll be up to a week before I get her back (a good reason why it wasn't practical to do while I was working), but when I do, she should be looking shiny and ready for our upcoming adventures. All told, between these repairs and ones past, I've put in about as much money fixing her up as I bought her for (she's not expensive bike). But I'm alright with that. You know, her company's headquarters are here in Kent, and she was at least partially assembled and shipped to me from California, so she's a West Coast bike to me (whether her parts are from China or not). It seems only right she takes me down the Pacific to her birthplace before coming with me back to mine. A better bike will be in order for future adventures, but I don't want any ride but Black Beauty for this one.