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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Here I am lying awake in anticipatory nervousness when I really ought to be asleep. I'm planning to leave bright and early in the morning to do my first trial run, about 70 miles from here in Lincoln to the small town of Stromsburg, where they have a free camping in their public park, supposedly. I'm a night owl, really. And I haven't done nearly enough to diurnalize my schedule (which is now a word, because I say so). It's been a long time since I've done any bike camping. And I didn't really do much back then, to be honest. I'm all out of the little practice I ever had to begin with. ...But I guess that's the way all journeys begin, isn't it? You learn by doing, get better only through time. That's the whole point of this trial run in the first place. If it goes terribly, I need to view it as naught but a lesson well learned, then get back up, and try again.

As at least one note of pride, I went to the grocery store tonight to buy my $20 worth of allotted food for tomorrow and the next day, and my total came out to exactly $19.90. I may not yet have the concept of eating all dry food, trying to be healthy, while also on a strict budget, but at least I can do math well. Hopefully I can just basic arithmetic my way out of any situation and I'll be set...

Sleep is finally overtaking me as I type this. So I had best let it catch up to me and carry me off to the land of restless, anticipatory, nervous dreams. I know there's literally nobody reading this blog yet. But I'll pretend they are, and that they're all wishing me luck. In fact, I'll go so far as to pretend anyone reading this in the future is retroactively wishing me luck into the past, which by some means of wormholes or faster than light travel or some other bizarre means of reverse causality I'm actually receiving. And that wishing of luck actually has some meaningful impact on possibility and probability on a quantum scale.

...Okay, definitely tired. Off to sleep. And tomorrow, on to adventure.